2022 Elver Season

As you are aware the eel is a CITES “Red Listed” species and since BREXIT we can no longer export to the EU.  There are other markets available outside the EU such as Asia. We have been and still are in the process of making a legal challenge to gain access to this market.

This is a time of great uncertainty for the elver trade but it is our intention to keep the business running and maintain the long tradition of fishing for elvers in the South West.  The EA are supporting us to make this possible. There will be a limited demand for elvers this year. 

One of the proposals is that we will issue a corporate authorisation at no cost to yourselves.  This authorisation will have special conditions to prevent illegal trade. When there is no demand you will not be able to fish. If you want to fish for personal use you will have to apply to the EA for a separate authorisation.

One of the conditions the EA has set to allow us to operate this year is that we have to contribute to a stocking program.  We do not know the exact quantity of elvers that we have to provide. It depends on the total catch. We would ask that you support this program. We think you may have to provide between 3 and 5 kilos of elvers free of charge.

We would not be able to accept any tanked fish. Fishing can only take place when we are open and accepting fish.  The EA have stipulated that fish are caught for specific orders so fish must be caught and weighed-in on the same night for us to be able to monitor the quantity to meet the order. 

To enable us to include you in our corporate authorisation we will need your name and EA licence number. Fishermen wanting to fish for the first time would have to register personally with the EA to be issued an authorisation number before they can be added to our record.

When we receive the corporate authorisation you will be issued with the environment agency authorisation conditions, which you must read carefully before you start fishing.

Please give us a call on 01452 529993 or email office@glasseel.com with your name, EA fisherman number, email address and mobile number.

Thank you!

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