2022 Glass Eel Restocking Report.

Restocking of the River Severn.

Glass Eel Tidal Population Severn Estuary.

An analysis of recruitment, exploitation and escapement targets.

A Trial to Estimate Glass Eel Exploitation in the River Severn – 2020

Three trials were conducted to establish the exploitation rate of glass eel by a fishery on the River Severn that uses a traditional hand dip net method; between March 25th and April 8th; between April 22nd and May 13th and between May 4th and May 13th.

Investigation of failure of migrating juveniles to cross Tewkesbury weir.

Juvenile eels (Anguilla Anguilla) were observed ascending the weir at Tewkesbury on the River Severn. A closer investigation of the movement of these juveniles revealed that the migration was largely unsuccessful due a number of obstacles.

A study to quantify the number of gated exits on the eastern shore of Severn and Severn Estuary and the likely impact on the migration of glass eels.

There is evidence as early as 1850 of systems in place to control flooding and improve drainage on the River Severn.

Estimation of glass eel (Anguilla anguilla L.) exploitation in the Severn Estuary.

Mark release recapture trials were conducted to determine the exploitation rate of glass eel by handheld dip nets in the Severn Estuary in the spring of 2020. This paper has now been peer reviewed and published in the Journal of Fisheries Management and Ecology (Wiley).

Investigation of failure of glass eels to migrate through tidal defence barrier on the River Frome

A simple trial at a tidal flap gate showed that glass eel passage was notpossible during the tidal phase of active glass eel migration.

An experimental study of the swimming velocity of glass

A quantitative assessment of maximum swimming velocities of late season pigmented glass eels was undertaken to investigate the probability of glass
eels being able to undertake upstream migrations through flap/door type flood defence mechanism.

Primary Barriers to Glass Eel Migration

The Red Barn Dyke Glass Eel Fishery – Applicability Review

The proper management of a species within a national system of river basin districts requires validated data for the effectiveness of any fishery that could affect the recruitment.

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